Patricia O’Brien was so many people’s first interaction with AIDS Walk Los Angeles. For years, she was the first person you encountered when you called AIDS Walk Los Angeles. The first person who would listen to your story, and then share one of her own. The first person who would tell you not to give upthe first person who would whoop loudly when you finally met your goalEven if you only ever knew her voice and not her facethat’s all she needed to make you feel like you were two very close friends.  

For so many people, she was the most recognizable person at the AIDS Walk LA office. This is who we lost on March 5th.

Patricia was a longtime volunteer, employee, and walker for nearly 27 years. She was absolutely mad for Halloween, brightened a room with her vivid clothing and her laugh, and she cherished AIDS Walk Los Angeles in the way folks who have lived through the epidemic do: with everything she had. We lost a huge cornerstone in our community this past weekend, and we invite all of our community to remember her with us. 

Rest in power, Patricia 

 – Sarah Murray, Director of AIDS Walk Los Angeles