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Walk for family. Walk for community. Walk for tradition. Start your fundraising journey today to support APLA Health and help thousands of your fellow Angelenos receive the care they deserve.

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Our first episode airs July 13, 2021, don’t miss out! 

Meet Ongina, the host of The Walk Show, and follow along as she prepares you to register and start fundraising for AIDS Walk LA 2021!


Say Hello to Ongina!

Ongina will be your host for The Walk Show. She will be “walking” you through it all on our weekly talk show.

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Fundraising Starts July 7th

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40 Years of HIV and AIDS

There from the beginning. Here to see it end.

Much has changed over 40 years, but the threat and reality of HIV & AIDS remain. And as long as the disease affects even one person, we’ll be Walking.

Watch this powerful message from APLA Health Provider, Dr. Gottlieb, about just how far we’ve come, and the urgency we’re still facing today.

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