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The Walk Show - Episode 4!

This week features an APLA Health behavioral health clinic doing amazing work. Tune in for an update from Club Leaderboard and learn Ongina’s favorite ways to Walk!

Say hello to Ongina!

Ongina will be your host for The Walk Show.
She will be “walking” you through it all on our weekly talk show.

Registration is open!

The only way to raise funds for underserved communities and help over 18,000 people in LA County is to sign up for AIDS Walk LA! Get started today.

Fundraise like a Star

Want to raise at least $1000 but don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered with 14 Fundraising Tips to reach Star status.

AIDS Walk Los Angeles 2021 is officially underway! Welcome to the online startling line.

Our goal is always in sight

Check back every Tuesday during AIDS Walk LA for our total fundraising progress update.

$338,680.73 Raised

  • Goal Counter 34% 34%

Goal: $1,000,000

Walk the Road to Stardom

Stay on fundraising track with challenges, prizes, and outdoor walk ideas for you or your team! Follow along with the Road to Stardom each week as we update the path with new tips and checkpoints to keep you moving forward.


Meet the Host

Meet Ongina, a breakout superstar of RuPaul’s Drag Race and the host of The Walk Show. She will be here every week to “walk” you through it all on our weekly talk show.

Leading the fight since 1985

Since taking to the streets as the world’s first walk to fight HIV and AIDS, our hundreds of thousands of walkers and their supporters have raised nearly $90 million. These funds are a vital lifeline that sustains APLA Health’s prevention, care, and advocacy programs for more than 18,000 individuals affected by HIV & AIDS in Los Angeles County.