Are you all over it?

Register for AIDS Walk Los Angeles 2022 and show up ready to make your voice heard.

Sunday, October 16, 9AM West Hollywood Park

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To show up ready.


To help the cause.

form a team

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If you’re so done, then you’re so ready.

AIDS Walk Los Angeles returns to the streets, and we’re over it. Over the daily news that makes our jaws drop. Over the healthcare inequities that keep care out of reach for so many. Over the idea that our event has run its course.

Mostly we’re over numbers like these:

  • 20 million new STD cases a year among young people ages 15-24.
  • 1 in 5 new HIV infections among people younger than 25.
  • Only 54% of people living with HIV stay in healthcare.
  • More than 600 HIV-related deaths in LA County each year.

We know you’re over it, too. So let’s do something about it together.

Register for AIDS Walk Los Angeles 2022 and Be All Over It with us on October 16.

Leading the fight since 1985

Since taking to the streets as the world’s first walk to fight HIV and AIDS, our hundreds of thousands of walkers and their supporters have raised more than $92 million. These funds are a vital lifeline that sustains APLA Health’s prevention, care, and advocacy programs for more than 16,000 individuals affected by HIV & AIDS in Los Angeles County.