Updated April 12, 2024

Important Dates

  • October 13 – AIDS Walk Los Angeles hits the streets!
  • November 8 – Fundraising deadline. Get all your donations in!
  • December 1 – World AIDS Day

We will add new AIDS Walk deadlines as the event gets closer. Watch this page!

How to Contact Us

To reach us, please text us at 213.201.9255 or email us at aidswalkla@aplahealth.org. Or simply scroll to the bottom of this page and fill out our contact form! Please note that text inquiries receive the fastest response times.

Donation and Fundraising Information

How do I start fundraising?

Great question! Fundraising for AIDS Walk Los Angeles is all about sharing your story and inspiring others to join your cause.

When you’re ready, here’s a handy checklist to get started:

Lead By Example: Donate to yourself first to prove your commitment. Your friends and coworkers will typically match or surpass what you donate. By donating first, you give them a place to start!

Craft Your Story: Share why you’re passionate about supporting the HIV/AIDS community and LGBTQ+ care. What motivates you to be here? People connect with authenticity and personal stories, so don’t be afraid to be visible!

Connect One-on-One: Reach out to friends, family, and people you know individually so you can have a heartfelt conversation. Personalize your message and share why having their support matters to you.

Meet People Where They Are: Everyone communicates differently, so use different platforms to reach out. Whether it’s through text messages, emails, or even TikTok, adapt your approach to connect with people in a way that resonates with them.

Create a Safe Space: Create opportunities to talk about your cause. Whether it’s at school, church, or a social gathering, find a space where you can have open and honest conversations about LGBTQ+ care and health inequities. Host a dinner, organize a hike day at work, or suggest a wellness discussion. By intentionally creating safe spaces, you invite others to engage in meaningful dialogue.

Remember, fundraising is not just about the money—it’s about raising awareness, educating others, and creating change. Your story has the power to inspire and make a real difference in the lives of those affected by HIV/AIDS. So, go ahead and share your passion with the world!

How do I use my fundraising profile?

Check out our step-by-step guide on how to log in and personalize your online AIDS Walk LA fundraising profile.

When is the deadline to turn in my donations?

Fundraising doesn’t end October 13th! We know life happens, and so we give a 3-week extension to get all your donations in. This year’s fundraising deadline is Friday, November 8th. We calculate rankings, CCI teams, and Star Walker status based on what you’ve raised as of this date. Don’t miss it!

To whom should donations be made out? And where do I send my check?

Make checks payable to “AIDS Walk Los Angeles.” If you’re supporting a specific walker or team, don’t forget to write their name on the check or include a separate note. This way, your donation will be credited to the right person or team and show up in their fundraising thermometer. Sending the check to the correct address is super important too!

Mail your check to:
AIDS Walk Los Angeles
611 S Kingsley Dr
Los Angeles, CA 90005

To turn in cash:
Text us at 213.201.9255, and we’ll schedule an appointment so we can properly handle your cash donation when you come in!

I have a check. How can I make sure it counts towards my goal and shows up in my fundraising thermometer?

If you have a donation check from a donor or you’re donating via check, our staff can help you make sure it gets counted. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Take a photo of the front of the check and email it to aidswalkla@aplahealth.org or text it to 213.201.9255. In the subject line, write “PLEASE ENTER THIS CHECK FOR ME/MY TEAM.”
  2. Let us know where you want the donation to go/which thermometer should be impacted—should it be credited to a person, a team, or the event in general?
  3. Don’t forget to write the same information in the memo of the check. Then, mail the check to us using the address provided above.
      Please keep in mind that it may take up to two weeks for the check to appear in your fundraising thermometer after you’ve mailed it. If you know that a check is on its way to our offices in your name, you can inform our staff in advance. We’ll work with you to match the check to your account, ensuring that you and/or your team receive proper fundraising credit.

What should I do if a check is made out to me personally?

If you receive a donation check made out to you personally, no worries! You just need to void the check and ask for a new one made out to AIDS Walk Los Angeles. Text us at 213.201.9255, and we’ll help you sort it out.

Are donations tax deductible?

Yes! APLA Health is a non-profit organization with a 501(c)(3) status. This means your donations are tax-deductible (since donors receive no goods or services in exchange for their donations). APLA Health’s Tax ID number is 84-1661910.

Will I receive a receipt for my donations?

Definitely! When you donate online, regardless of the amount, we’ll send you a receipt via email. It’s essential to check your email, including the spam folder, just in case. If you can’t find the receipt, don’t worry! Reach out to our staff, and they’ll assist you in locating it. If you decide to donate with cash or a check, you can request a receipt by contacting us at 213.201.9255.

I have seen public fundraising for AIDS Walk Los Angeles on the street. Should I donate to someone I do not know who is collecting donations on the street, in public spaces, or even door-to-door?

That’s a good question! In the past, AIDS Walk participants could be found collecting cash donations everywhere from bars to in front of grocery stores. This is less common today, as most people prefer to donate online and receive a tax-deductible receipt!

While it is possible someone is collecting AIDS Walk donations in public spaces, we encourage you to follow up to ensure your donations and personal information are handled responsibly. The intention behind these efforts is to help those in need, and it’s important that you are adequately informed when you make a donation! If the person (or team) is registered for AIDS Walk, you can always check our list of teams and participants online. If you have any concerns or encounter any situations that seem unsafe or unendorsed, please contact us so that we can provide you with more information and guidance.

What is a Matching Gift?

Matching Gifts are like magical bonus donations! Some companies love to support their employees’ generous spirit by offering to match their donations. Picture this: for every dollar you donate, your company steps in and donates an equal amount. It’s a 1:1 match, which means your impact doubles instantly! So, not only do you get to make a difference with your own donation, but the matching gift takes it to a whole new level. You can also create your own mini-matches with friends or family. Ask them to match your donations up to $100, or you can match the donations made to you. Together, you’ll amplify your efforts and reach your goals faster!

What is the Star Walkers Club?

Imagine being an ambassador for our cause, making an even greater impact. That’s what the Star Walkers Club is all about! When you set a fundraising goal of $1,000 or more, you become part of this exclusive group and take your commitment to the next level. As a Star Walker, you’re not just raising funds; you’re spreading awareness and education. By having more conversations, sharing your passion, and striving for a higher goal, you become an ambassador for the fight against HIV and for LGBTQ+ care. Our dedicated staff will be there to support and guide you on this special journey. When you reach the impressive milestone of $1,000 (you’re amazing!), we’ll recognize your achievement by featuring your name at our Star Walker hall of fame at the Start/Finish Line for AIDS Walk Los Angeles. You’ll also receive a special plaque award and a commemorative pin to celebrate your outstanding commitment.

What if I don't sign up for the Star Walkers Club, but still raise $1,000 or more?

That makes you an incredible advocate! Even if you didn’t officially set a goal of $1,000 or more, your exceptional fundraising efforts won’t go unnoticed. You’ll be awarded Star Walker status anyway as recognition for your outstanding advocacy. Keep up the fantastic work, and continue making a difference in the fight against HIV and for LGBTQ+ care!

Event Information and Participation

What is AIDS Walk Los Angeles?

AIDS Walk Los Angeles is an educational event organized by APLA Health, a leading LGBTQ+ healthcare nonprofit. It’s all about coming together as a community to not only fight against HIV/AIDS, but to fight for LGBTQ+ healthcare.

By participating in AWLA, you can make a real difference in both the LGBTQ+ community and in the lives of people who are affected by HIV/AIDS. The money you help us raise primarily goes towards providing better healthcare and support for these two groups of people. Some funds raised also go towards supporting local allies (our CCI partners), making an even broader impact in the fight against HIV/AIDS and the fight for quality LGBTQ+ care.

What does APLA Health do?

Here’s what we do at APLA Health: we provide different types of services to a) help people who are affected by HIV/AIDS, and b) help people who are HIV negative stay that way! We offer medical care, dental care, behavioral health care, a foodbank, educational programs, and much more! AWLA helps us not only raise awareness in the community about the need for better LGBTQ+ healthcare, but it also raises money so that we can support all of these important services.

Why should I participate in AWLA?

The funds raised through AIDS Walk Los Angeles are general funds! General funds, also called unrestricted funds, are monies that an organization can use for any purpose. Unlike specific funds (also known as restricted funds, such as grants) that are designed for a particular use, general funds can be used flexibly. We at APLA Health use general funds to support some of our programs that don’t receive funding from anywhere else, to fill in holes and gaps in services, and to do the kind of innovative work our community needs. AWLA donations are APLA Health donations, but method matters: when you donate through AIDS Walk Los Angeles, you are giving us the freedom to respond nimbly to our community’s needs without asking anyone for permission first.

Is there a minimum amount I need to donate/raise to participate?

Absolutely not! AIDS Walk Los Angeles began as a protest march in response to the AIDS epidemic in 1985, and we value that history. We remain an accessible event for all. We do ask that you raise something, no matter what that is. Remember, every dollar you ask for is an opportunity to have a conversation about LGBTQ+ healthcare! Conversations we sorely need right now.

APLA Health also accepts non-AIDS Walk donations all year round! If you have questions or special circumstances (such as matching gifts), please text us at 213.201.9255 or email us at aidswalkla@aplahealth.org so we can do our best to work with you.

Help! I can't get into my account.

Your username and password carry over from year to year, so if you participated in AIDS Walk Los Angeles any time since 2020, you may just need to reset your password! If resetting your password or asking for your username does not work, please text us at 213.201.9255 or email us at aidswalkla@aplahealth.org.

I participated last year. Why do I need to re-register?

Though your account details stay the same, we like to ask for your consent from year to year to participate! Note that for every annual AIDS Walk you will need to re-register for the event, even if you have registered in the past. Participation details and fundraising goals do not roll over year to year. Your profile will, however, save some of your information, such as your Address Book, Donor History, and other saved information from previous events. For this reason, we recommend returning participants re-use their username and password from the previous year instead of creating a new account with a new email address.

I’ve already registered for this year as an individual but now I’ve changed my mind and want to organize a team! What should I do?

Email us at aidswalkla@aplahealth.org! We can manually turn your profile into a Team Captain. Just tell us what you want the name of your team to be!

I need community service hours for school. Does walking and fundraising for AIDS Walk Los Angeles count?

Absolutely! Most schools do count fundraising and community organizing as service hours, because participating in AIDS Walk is a unique opportunity to showcase your leadership skills. It’s not just about walking and fundraising; it’s about organizing, communicating, and educating yourself and your team. You’ll gain valuable experience in understanding the cause, the movement, and where the funds are going. This knowledge stays with you long after the event, making it more valuable for everyone involved!

Check with your volunteer coordinator or faculty advisor, and they can work directly with our Kids Who Care program director, Sarah Murray, to set it up. Reach out to Sarah at smurray@aplahealth.org.

What is/who are Kids Who Care?

Kids Who Care is a youth leadership program of AIDS Walk Los Angeles specifically designed for students in middle and high school. Please visit our Kids Who Care program page for more information and to check out our participating school teams this year!

I received an error message when registering/donating. Who can I talk to?

If you encounter any errors during the registration or donation process, don’t worry. Take a screenshot or snap a photo of the error and text it to our staff at 213.201.9255. Include the steps you took so we can investigate and assist you promptly. Or reach out to us at aidswalkla@aplahealth.org, and we’ll make sure everything gets sorted out.

Why do you ask for my pronouns?

We believe in providing culturally-competent care, which starts with respecting your gender and gender expression. That’s why we ask for your pronouns. We want to address you properly and show our utmost respect. If your preferred pronouns are not listed in the registration process, please contact us at 213.201.9255 or email us at aidswalkla@aplahealth.org to let us know, and we’ll make sure to address you correctly. You matter to us!

Why do you ask about my cultural identity, age, and/or orientation?

We want to celebrate YOU and make sure everyone feels included! APLA Health values diversity, and we ask participants at AIDS Walk Los Angeles to share their identities so we can ensure our event is accessible to all. We review our community’s participation every year, and this data can help us make better decisions about how to ensure everyone feels welcome. But hey, sharing this info is completely up to you! We’ll never require it.

How many people do I need to form a team?

It takes two to tango, or in this case, to form a team! You and just one more person can create a team and rock the fundraising world together. We have teams of all sizes, from small squads to massive crews with over a hundred walkers. Companies, schools, LGBTQ+-friendly religious institutions, and good ol’ friends and family teams all jump in, some walking in memory of loved ones or supporting those living with HIV/AIDS. If you decide you’re ready to take the leap into team leadership, our staff are always here guide you through the fundraising journey and keep you in the loop.

Do I need to register every member of my team if I've already registered the team?

We won’t twist your arm, but let us share why it’s awesome to register every team member. We can only be loud together! Here’s why it’s worth it:

Boost our fundraising powers:

  • It helps us keep track of the incredible funds we’re raising.
  • We can plan and budget accordingly, ensuring we have enough amazing fundraising awards to go around.

Stay in the know:

  • You’ll have all the deets on your team’s contact info and fundraising progress. No secrets!
  • Team leaders, you can request a shiny spreadsheet with all your registered team data if you need information not available in your Captain account. Need to email the whole team, or track your fundraising internally? Future registrations? Piece of cake! Saving time is a win.

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If you would like to learn more about corporate sponsorship of AIDS Walk Los Angeles, please contact Ken Mintzer at kmintzer@aplahealth.org or 213.201.9255.