Everything you need to know before you hit the road.

General Questions

Where does my donation go?

AIDS Walk Los Angeles benefits APLA Health, which provides services in four key areas:

  1. primary medical care, dental, behavioral health and HIV specialty care (as an federally qualified health center),
  2. critical HIV support services (including the nation’s largest food bank for people living with HIV – the Vance North Necessities of Life Program),
  3. HIV prevention and education programs, and
  4. advocacy to ensure continued care.

Since our founding in 1983, our goal has been to end the AIDS epidemic in Los Angeles County – the second largest in the country. Recent medical advances – including U=U (Undectable=Untransmittable) and PrEP/PEP – allow us to imagine living in a county without any new HIV infections. The best way to do that is to provide quality, culturally affirming medical, dental and behavioral health care as well as HIV specialty care where people live. AIDS Walk supports that work

AIDS Walk Los Angeles also has a program – the Community Coalition Initiative – where we support the hard work of other organizations in LA County working to end the epidemics. Through the program, these organizations form teams, and the money raised by those teams is given back to them after our fundraising deadline on November 15th.

Is there a minimum amount I need to donate/raise to participate?

Absolutely not! AIDS Walk Los Angeles began as a protest march in response to the AIDS epidemic in 1985, and we value that history.

However, we do tenderly suggest that people fundraise at least $25. That’s 5 bucks from 5 friends – the sacrifice of one cup of coffee in the morning. Just think how many people we could help if everyone did that?

How many people do I need to form a team?

A team is simply a group of two or more people that registers to raise funds and walk together. More than 2,000 teams sign up each year, and include companies, schools, religious institutions, or other organizations in the LA area. Many friends and family teams also participate, some of whom walk in memory of those they have lost, or to support friends and family living with HIV/AIDS.

Teams can range in size from two to more than 1,000 walkers. Each team is assigned an AIDS Walk Fundraising Specialist from our staff to guide its fundraising, and keep in touch with tips, tools, and information about incentives and special events leading up to the Walk.

What is a Matching Gift?

Matching Gifts, or Matching Grants, are sometimes offered by companies to support their employees’ philanthropic efforts. A company might offer to match an employee’s donation at 1:1, meaning Matching Gifts are a great way to quickly double your donations and make an even bigger impact.

You can also set up informal matches with a friend or family member. Ask them to match your donations up to $100, or you yourself can match donations made to you to quickly reach Star Walker status.

When is the deadline to turn in my donations?

We don’t want to, but we have to draw a line somewhere! Our deadline for AIDS Walk Los Angeles 2019 is November 15.

This is the last day for your donations to count towards:

  • earning your AIDS Walk Los Angeles awards
  • reaching your Star Walker status
  • raising funds for our Community Partners program.

However, since APLA Health is open all year round, we accept donations all year round! If you have questions or special circumstances (such as matching gifts), please call our AIDS Walk staff so we can do our best to work with you.

Help! I can't get into my account.

Please try resetting your password. If you are still having trouble, please call our staff at (213) 201-9255 or email aidswalkla@apla.org.

Event Questions

When is AIDS Walk Los Angeles 2019?

Sunday, October 20, 2019!

What is the schedule for Walk day?
  • 6:30am – Drive Ons begin (Teams only, be sure to request access before Oct 11th)
  • 7:30am – Drive Ons end (Teams only)
  • 8:00am – VIP Breakfast starts
  • 8:00am – Star Walker Sign-in opens
  • 8:00am – Kids Zone opens
  • 8:30am – General Sign-in opens
  • 9:00am – Aerobic Warm Up begins
  • 9:15am – Opening Ceremony
  • 10:00am – Walk is underway (view the Route Map)
  • 11:00am – Sign-In closes; Late Sign In opens
  • 11:30am – Post-Walk entertainment starts
How long is the walk?

This year’s AIDS Walk is roughly 5 miles. The route typically varies between 4.8 miles and 6.1 mile (depending on city permits).

This should take between 1.5 hours – 2 hours to complete. View this year’s route map.

Can I bring my dog?

We welcome dogs at the event! There will be water bowls at all four checkpoints throughout the Walk. Please be advised the entire Walk is on pavement and asphault as temperatures outside might heat up the surfaces. Also, make sure to clean up any little “surprises” your pet might leave along the Walk. See you and your fur babies on October 20th!

Fundraising Questions

How do I start fundraising?

After you’ve registered, your family, friends, co-workers, and more can visit your personal AIDS Walk page and donate toward your fundraising goal! For some helpful hints on how to start, check out our Fundraising Tips.

To whom should donations be made out?

Please make check payable to “AIDS Walk Los Angeles” or “AWLA.”

Can I mail a cash donation?

It is not a good idea to send a cash donation in the mail. You may drop off the cash at the AIDS Walk Los Angeles office. Please call us ahead of time to let us know you are coming.

AIDS Walk Los Angeles
3550 Wilshire Blvd
Suite 890 (8th floor)
Los Angeles, CA 90010

Or, you can deposit the cash into your checking account and send a personal check from your account. Be sure to include on the check the name of the Walker being sponsored.

Where do I mail donations?

You can mail donations directly to our APLA Health David Geffen Center at:

AIDS Walk Los Angeles
611 S. Kingsley Dr.
Los Angeles, CA 90005

Please note: clearly write the name of the person you are sponsoring on the check or on a separate piece of paper; otherwise, your contribution could be credited as a general donation.

What should I do if a check is made out to me personally?

If a donation check has been written out to you personally, please call us at (213) 201-9255.

Are donations tax deductible?

Yes! APLA Health is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and donors receive no goods or services in exchange for their donations. APLA Health’s Tax ID number is 84-1661910.

Will I receive a receipt for my donations?

Anyone who donates online, regardless of the amount, will receive a receipt via email. If someone donates via cash or check, they can request a receipt by calling the AIDS Walk Los Angeles office: 213.201.9255 (WALK).

I have seen public fundraising for AIDS Walk Los Angeles on the street. Should I donate to someone I do not know who is collecting donations on the street, in public spaces, or even door-to-door?

No. We strongly discourage our participants from collecting donations in public spaces such as street corners, public transportation, street festivals, and door-to-door from businesses. We advise you not to give donations (cash, checks, or credit card information) to someone you do not know who is soliciting donations in these settings. Please contact the AIDS Walk Los Angeles office for more information, or if you feel someone is collecting funds in an unsafe or unendorsed manner.

Important Dates and Deadlines

Registration Questions

What is the Star Walker's Club?

Our Star Walker’s Club is for people who set a fundraising goal of $1,000+ and want a little extra help from our staff to make that happen. For all of their extra effort, we thank our Star Walker’s Club members by giving them their own AIDS Walk coach, a special Star Walker pin if they reach $1,000 (on top of all our standard awards), and they are among the first to know of any special happenings.

Once you reach your Star Walker goal, you will receive perks like: ALL of our incentive awards for that year, an invitation to our special VIP Breakfast (with mimosas!) on the morning of the Walk, and much more! Check out this year’s awards on our Fundraising page.

What if I don't register for the Star Walker's Club, but raise $1,000+?

Then you’re clearly a superstar, and will be awarded Star Walker status anyway!

What is a fundraising award?

These are prizes or thank you’s given to those individuals who reach certain fundraising incentives. For example, if you raise $150+, we will present you with AIDS Walk swag so you can let the world know.

We have four award recognition levels:

Bronze – Raise $150+
Silver – Raise $500+
Gold – Raise $750+
Star – Raise $1,000+

Check out this year’s awards here.

Many of our Walkers want every cent of their fundraising efforts to go towards APLA Health’s clients, and so when they register, they choose to decline their fundraising awards. When you register, please indicate if you would like to receive your awards or if you would like to decline them. There’s no judgement on our end whichever you choose.

Why are you asking for my preferred pronouns?

Our staff at AIDS Walk sometimes needs to speak to you about things, and when we call or email you, we’d like to know how we should address you. We respect all genders and gender expressions and want to speak with you as you wish.

Why are you asking about my cultural identity, age, and/or orientation?

We at APLA Health value diversity, and just as we ask our clients to share their identities to make sure we are serving all communities, not just some, we ask our participants at AIDS Walk Los Angeles to share their identities so we can make sure our event is accessible to all. That being said, we will never require you to share this information; it is purely optional.

Why are you asking if I want a Voter Registration Form?

HIV still remains a serious public health issue, and it is up to our community to vote on important issues related to healthcare and to hold political authorities accountable. Please register if you’re able, and please vote!

You can also register to vote at AIDS Walk Los Angeles on October 20th; look for our Voter Registration table on the north side of the park.

Do I need to register every member of my team if I've already registered the team?

Registering everyone who is on your team is beneficial in many ways! Though it is not required, it helps us:

  • Get an accurate headcount of who is attending our event.
  • Keep better track of our fundraising.
  • Budget how many fundraising awards to purchase for your team.

It’s also better for you:

  • You’ll always know what contact info we have and how much money your team has raised.
  • At the end of the season, Team Leaders can request all of their registered team data. That spreadsheet may be used to “lump register” the entire team in following years, saving lots of time!
  • Teams with 25 or more registered walkers will qualify for a Team Meeting Station, which means we’ll set up a table for you at Grand Park the day of the Walk!

Hot tip: Ask your AIDS Walk coach to send you all of your donors after November 15th so that you can thank them all for supporting you!

AWLA Day of Event Information

What's going down on the big day?

WHAT: AIDS Walk Los Angeles is an outpouring of community spirit and a fundraising walk to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

WHEN: Sunday, October 20, 2019

WHERE: Beginning and ending at the steps of Los Angeles City Hall, Walkers will take to the surrounding Downtown L.A streets.

WHO: Celebrity guests, musical artists, elected officials, AIDS activists, and thousands of caring people like you.

2019 AIDS Walk schedule of events
  • 6:30am – Drive Ons begin (Teams only, be sure to request access before Oct 11th)
  • 7:30am – Drive Ons end (Teams only)
  • 8:00am – VIP Breakfast starts (Did you RSVP?)
  • 8:00am – Star Walker Sign-in opens
  • 8:00am – Kids Zone opens
  • 8:30am – General Sign-in opens
  • 9:00am – Aerobic Warm Up begins
  • 9:15am – Opening Ceremony
  • 10:00am – Walk is underway (view the Route Map)
  • 11:00am – Sign-In closes; Late Sign In opens
  • 11:30am – Post-Walk entertainment starts
Get There!

Go METRO: Grand Park is easily accessible via the Red and Purple lines to the Civic Center/Grand Park station.

Rideshare drop-off location: Temple & Broadway. Use 320 W. Temple St. for the nearest drop-off address and enter Grand Park on foot via Broadway.

Parking: We recommend booking convenient and affordable parking in advance through SpotHero, the nation’s leading parking reservation app and the parking reservation app partnering with AIDS Walk LA this year. To reserve your parking spot, visit the LA AIDS Walk SpotHero Parking Page and book a spot with rates up to 50% off drive-up. If you use our link, 10% of your proceeds will go back to us.

New to SpotHero? Visit the AIDS Walk LA SpotHero Page to download the SpotHero app.

Do I need a Parking Pass?

Parking is reserved only for those who qualify. Please see our “Get There” section above for more information on where and how to park.

What is a Drive On Pass?

A Drive On Pass will get you through all of our street closures on October 20th so that you can drive right up to Grand Park. Drive On Passes are intended for those who are bringing heavy items that they cannot carry from their parking spots; we will help load their items onto a golf cart to transport onto the lawn before the driver goes to par. Drive On Passes are are not intended for rideshares.

We only grant these passes to:

  1. our sponsors who need to set up booths, or
  2. large teams who qualify for a Team Meeting Station and who are bringing heavy items (like breakfast, company shirts, etc.) for their teams that morning.

Those needing a pass should contact our offices.

The deadline to submit an application for a Drive On Pass is Friday, October 11th.

I heard there was free parking. How do I get that?

It’s true; AWLA does offer complimentary parking to select participants! Parking is reserved ONLY for:

  • those who have an accessibility placard or license plate
  • Star Walkers who raise $1,000
  • VIP guests and elected officials
  • the three teams who won our Parking Challenge

Complementary parking is located under Los Angeles City Hall; AWLA is required to submit the names of all drivers to City Hall for security purposes. If you qualify for free parking, you MUST contact our offices by Friday, October 11th at the latest. Parking instructions will be emailed by Tuesday, October 15th, along with a Parking Pass.

What streets will be closed?

All streets where Walkers will be walking will close on October 20th. Please plan accordingly. Visit our route map for more details.

Street Closure Starts Closure Ends
Broadway, Temple to First 12pm on 10/19 6pm on 10/20
Spring, Temple to First 12pm on 10/19 6pm on 10/20
Hill, Temple to First 7am on 10/20 2pm on 10/20
First, Spring to Grand 8am on 10/20 2pm on 10/20
Grand, First to Fifth 8am on 10/20 12pm on 10/20
Fifth, Grand to Olive 9am on 10/20 12pm on 10/20
Olive, Fifth to 12th Street 9am on 10/20 1pm on 10/20
12th St, Olive to Main 9am on 10/20 1pm on 10/20
Main, Spring/9th to 12th Street 9am on 10/20 1:30 on 10/20
Spring, Main to Third 9am on 10/20 2pm on 10/20
Third, Spring to San Pedro 9am on 10/20 2pm on 10/20
San Pedro, Third to First 9am on 10/20 2pm on 10/20
First, San Pedro to Spring 9am on 10/20 2pm on 10/20


I need accessible parking. What do I do?

If you have an accessible parking placard or license plate, we have reserved parking for you underneath City Hall, but you will need to fill out our Parking Form to be turned in to City Hall by October 11th. Please see above on free parking and contact our office at aidswalkla.org or (213) 201-9255.

Is there bicycle parking available?

Information coming soon.

My team is large, so we are bringing a bus. Where should we park?

Information coming soon.

Team Leaders

Information coming soon.

The materials you need to make sure AIDS has met its MARCH.



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