Community Coalition Partners

APLA Health is proud to offer a special program every year for fellow HIV/AIDS service organizations in Los Angeles County. We invite these fellow organizations to make use of AIDS Walk’s infrastructure to fundraise for their own services. Below are our 2022 community partners for AIDS Walk Los Angeles:

The Life Group

Founded in 2005 The Life Group LA provides free of charge, much needed direct client services by way of providing information and emotional support through medical forums, emotional support groups and the unique POZ Life Weekend Seminar. All services are offered in a non-judgmental and safe environment with compassion and understanding.

Safety, respect and confidentiality are the cornerstones of our philosophy. We accomplish this by providing trained support group facilitators for our emotional support groups and our POZ Life Weekend Seminar. These facilitators have been trained in the art of active listening and conduct themselves with empathy and compassion.

In a time when the HIV epidemic has surpassed its 30th year and new HIV infections continue to occur on a daily basis, now more than ever we must continue the struggle against HIV/AIDS.

Saban Community Clinic

Services: Saban Community Clinic’s Infectious Disease (ID) Clinic is a full scale, dedicated clinic program that focuses on screening, testing, treatment, and prevention of ID conditions. The ID clinic is designed to better meet the needs of patients being seen for HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, among other conditions. The ID Clinic provides comprehensive healthcare and support services in a one-stop-shop including medical care and management of HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis, dental care, as well as mental health counseling. Additional services include antiretroviral therapy, prevention and management of opportunistic infections, vaccinations, referrals to external resources, counseling on treatment adherence and medication management. These services are enhanced by prevention efforts that include free condom distribution, insurance enrollment assistance, behavior risk reduction counseling, and the provision of biomedical prevention services including Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) and Post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP).

Being Alive LA

Services: Being Alive is a nonprofit client-driven organization focusing on the mental health and wellness of people living with HIV and AIDS. Our services to our client-members include a variety of no-cost programs, such as: comprehensive emotional support, treatment education, prevention, advocacy, wellness and social services. Our mental health program, Dignity Plus, offers long term therapy for clients infected with and affected by HIV.

LACBA Counsel for Justice AIDS Legal Services Project (ALSP)

Through a support network of over 400 volunteer advocates, ALSP provides legal clinics, presentations and direct one-on-one legal services to low-income people living with HIV and AIDS on a wide range of both human rights and poverty law issues including immigration, discrimination, healthcare privacy and access, estate planning, insurance, and debt relief.

Established in 1986, ALSP’S network of highly motivated and dedicated volunteer attorneys have drafted thousands of estate planning documents, filed scores of discrimination cases in state and federal court, defended HIV+ detainees in immigration removal proceedings, represented claimants denied benefits before Administrative Law Judges and have argued numerous immigration and discrimination cases before the Board of Immigration Appeals, the 9th Circuit and the 2nd District Court of Appeal. ALSP’s volunteer attorneys have provided tens of millions of dollars in donated legal services and have won numerous California State Bar Awards in recognition for their outstanding contributions to pro bono services for people living with HIV and AIDS who often had nowhere else to turn for help.

Project Angel Food

Project Angel Food provides nutrition support to persons who are dealing with HIV/AIDS. The support we provide includes nutrition counselling from our team of Registered Dieticians and free, nutritious and medically-tailored meals that are cooked by volunteers and staff in our kitchen and home-delivered throughout Los Angeles County. Project Angel Food also partners with many other AIDS Service Organizations and medical providers to ensure we are able to refer our clients appropriately and that our clients are knowledgeable about the many services offered in the Los Angeles region.

UCLA Care Center

The UCLA Center for Clinical AIDS Research and Education (CARE) provides state-of-the-art medical care and conducts clinical trials for people living with HIV and AIDS. Our highly trained, nationally recognized physicians are leaders in the field of HIV Medicine, Infectious Diseases, Oncology and other areas relevant to the health of our patients. The CARE Center’s research team is committed to conducting a broad program of ethical and high quality clinical, behavioral and prevention research to promote the health of people living with or at risk for acquiring HIV and other infectious diseases.

The CARE Center is the UCLA base for several national and international HIV research networks as well as a site for pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry-sponsored trials and novel, small-scale, investigator-initiated trials.

The goals of the CARE Center are to:

  1. Maintain a multidisciplinary outpatient clinic dedicated to providing state-of-the-art care to patients with HIV and related diseases
  2. Establish and promote a world-renowned clinical research center that conducts clinical investigations and clinical trials in all areas of HIV therapeutic research and co-infections
  3. Provide education and training activities in HIV for the UCLA community, treatment providers, patients, AIDS research organization and the general community about HIV, its treatment, and research