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The Walk Show

The Walk Show is here!

New episodes of The Walk Show will be releasing each week so check back here for the latest episodes and information.

Latest: Episode 4 – Behavioral Health

Previous Episodes

The Walk Show Episode 1 Infographic

Episode 1 – Baldwin Hills

The Walk Show Episode 2 Long Beach

Episode 2 – Long Beach

AIDS Walk Los Angeles 2021 The Walk Show Episode 3

Episode 3 – DTLA Dental

Fundraising Tips

Fundraising Tip with Ongina

Fundraising Tip #1

Show yourself some love and donate to your own team.

Aids Walk Los Angeles 2021 Fundraising Tip #2

Fundraising Tip #2

Get a donation from your bestie.

AIDS Walk Los Angeles 2021 Fundraising Tip 3

Fundraising Tip #3

DM your social followers to help make you a Star.

AIDS Walk Los Angeles 2021 Fundraising Tip 4

Fundraising Tip #4

Turn your co-workers into co-Stars.

Patient Stories

Patient Story 1

Meet Danyol and Eric from the Healthy Him program.

Aids Walk Los Angeles 2021 Trans Connections

Patient Story 2

Visit the Long Beach APLA Health clinic.

AIDS Walk Los Angeles 2021DTLA Dental Clinic

Patient Story 3

Check out the recently expanded APLA Health Dental Clinic.

AIDS Walk Los Angeles 2021 Patient Story 4

Patient Story 4

Affirming, relatable mental health care at APLA.

Ongina Extras

Fundraising Tip with Ongina

Bronze Checkpoint

Ongina’s got the first physical Walk location to take on with your team and earn a prize.

Aids Walk Los Angeles 2021 Fundraising Tip #2

Ways to Walk

Ongina’s not afraid to strut it out at AIDS Walk LA. See her favorite ways to get her walk on.

Meet Ongina!

Ongina introduces herself, discusses registering with AWLA, fundraising, team building, the road to stardom and more!

Say Hello to Ongina!

Ongina will be your host for The Walk Show. She will be “walking” you through it all on our weekly talk show.

Register Today

Signing up is so easy! Pick your username and create your account at

Fundraising Starts July 7th

Keep watching here for more tips, reveals, and excitement!

Build Your Team

Watch Ongina’s tips on building your dream squad and spreading the word about AIDS Walk LA.

Road to Stardom

Learn about the new game anyone can play to track your progress and complete challenges in this week’s helpful clip preparing you for AIDS Walk LA 2021!

Get Out There and Walk!

AIDS Walk Los Angeles is off and Walking! Check out this clip to learn about all the real-life Walks you can take with your teammates and friends during this online experience.