APLA Health is meeting the demands of a COVID-19 world by working with Los Angeles County and partners to expand our testing services, implementing drive through and walk-up testing for our patients and clients.

Similar to HIV, the best way to stop the spread of COVID-19 is prevention and testing. The more people who are tested for active infections, the more precautions they can take to stop its spread. It also allows us to understand more about the virus and stop it.

However, Black and Latinx communities are being impacted more than other communities and continue to highlight health disparities we knew existed in Los Angeles. Watching HIV spread through Los Angeles County, APLA Health that these health disparities already existed. That is why we opened clinics in Willowbrook, DTLA, South LA, and Long Beach.

We continue to grow our footprint and provide trusted services until everyone in Los Angeles is able to get healthcare. Your support during AIDS Walk will get us closer to our goals.

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When people are taken care of emotionally, they’re better able to cope with their medical care needs. Through the HIVE program (HIV-Elders), APLA Health is able to give over 500 MSM age 50+ social support, life skills and medical care to help them live fuller lives.

“First rate primary medical care in people aging with HIV should address more than lab reports, especially in this time of yet another frightening pandemic. In my experience the providers at APLA Health encourage patients to be open about their emotional as well as physical health,” said Dr. Michael Gottlieb, APLA Health provider and, in 1981, he was the first person to describe the disease that would later be defined as AIDS.

HIVE gives men a safe space to get in touch with their emotions, to stop self-isolating and to talk about their health. When you raise funds for Support, you’re helping programs like HIVE expand their footprint and touch more lives in LA County.

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At the height of the HIV epidemic in the 1980s, lawmakers began criminalizing otherwise legal behaviors of people living with HIV and adding HIV-related penalties to existing crimes. These laws were based on fear and limited medical understanding, and were passed at a time when there were no effective treatments for HIV. Discrimination towards those affected by HIV was rampant.

As more research and data was released, it was APLA Health’s duty to educate the public and lawmakers about how to reduce HIV-related stigma and improve the health of our communities.

In 1985, APLA Health convinced Los Angeles to become the first city in the nation to bar discrimination based on HIV. In the 1990s, we worked at the federal level to secure funding the Ryan White Act. We helped modernize California’s HIV state laws, including two years ago when we helped pass SB 239 that removed a law charging any person living with HIV with a felony simply for having sex.

We’ve come a long way since the 80s, but we still have work to do. Help us continue to Educate and advocate for those with HIV by raising funds at AIDS Walk 2020.

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