The daily use of PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) medication has proven to be up to 99% effective in blocking HIV infection. Blocking new infections, along with testing and treatment, is how we will end the AIDS epidemic together.
The good news is: Awareness of PrEP has increased from 60% to 90% among gay and bisexual men!
The tragic news is: PrEP usage by eligible candidates in Los Angeles averages only 25%—and is lower among African-American and Latino gay and bisexual men and in underserved populations.
The key to increasing PrEP uptake: Eliminating health disparities and inequities that keep people from getting care. That’s what APLA Health works towards every day. With our continued advocacy to remove barriers and our PrEP navigator program, we’re helping more people access this game-changing drug.

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Your home affects your health! It informs your engagement in care, your health outcomes, viral load, antiretroviral therapy adherence, and overall quality of life.
However, a global pandemic and an already egregious LA housing market places PLWH (people living with HIV) in a potentially unhealthy situation. APLA Health’s Housing Support program addresses the needs of PLWH who face homelessness, the threat of homelessness, or who may need assistance to maintain or retain current housing.
Housing specialists will assist clients in acquiring, financing, and maintaining affordable and appropriate housing. Services include: formulating housing plans, assisting clients in applying for housing assistance, moving into housing, educating clients about tenant rights and responsibilities, providing referrals for additional supportive housing services, and acting as an ongoing liaison between clients, property owners, and case managers.

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While there have been many scientific and medical advances to end the epidemic, there have also been many setbacks. From constant attacks on the Affordable Care Act and to state budget cuts, the fight continues to move the needle. That’s why APLA Health works to educate our partners and elected officials, secure funding and strengthen our current programs, and fight for diversity and inclusion in policy making.
APLA Health is more than just a community health center. We are also the collective voice of advocacy for our patients and clients to end the HIV epidemic. We work with our community and elected officials to remove roadblocks to healthcare, ensure the continued ability to receive care and break down stigma.

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