APLA Health provides more than 20 healthcare services to our community, including meeting the primary medical care needs of everyone who walks through our doors. That’s over 18,000 people in LA County every year.

From annual physicals to chronic disease management, our primary care services are designed to meet the needs of the whole person with the understanding that everything is related.

No one lives in a bubble and wellness is not isolated either. We don’t just prescribe insulin to our diabetic patients, we educate them on the role diet plays in overall health and provide the tools needed to thrive. And since we’re located in the communities we serve, we’ve built up a reputation as a trusted source of care with a staff that leads with compassion and integrity.

Keep raising funds during AIDS Walk to help us expand our Care services across LA County!

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Last year, APLA Health launched ROAR – Reaching Out and Reclaiming. This program is a call to action for women to come – inpidually and collectively – to reclaim their bodies, minds, and voices, and to prioritize their wellness to be better equipped to care for their families and communities.

ROAR was founded by APLA Health board member Janice Littlejohn, and made its presence known with a free wellness and health fair for South L.A.’s lesbian, bi-sexual, and queer community and all self-identifying women.

At our ROAR wellness events, APLA Health medical staff provide health screenings, including blood pressure and HIV testing, counseling services, wellness workshops and group fitness activities led by our community partners.

Help us grow the legacy of ROAR by fundraising for Support programs during AIDS Walk 2020.

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The statistics are startling.

Black individuals have rates of new HIV diagnoses 5x those of white people. Rates of new HIV diagnoses among Latinx individuals are nearly 2x those who are white. Young people under the age of 30 make up a disproportionate share of all new HIV infections each year.

These health disparities are shocking, and APLA Health is working to eliminate them.

One way to do that is to increase testing. This year we asked the California governor for $5 million in HIV prevention programs, including HIV testing. It’s simply the only way that we can stop the epidemic in Los Angeles.

By working with state and local governments, we can secure the funding needed to make sure that everyone who wants a test can get a test. Your support during AIDS Walk 2020 fuels our advocacy and helps reduce disparities.

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