The people who walk through the doors at APLA Health are not treated as patients. They’re championed as members of our community.

We know that primary care is only effective if there is trust. The people we serve are more than their medical conditions, and we work to show that every day by investing in our community.

We have six health centers throughout Los Angeles County and we have plans to build more. Each APLA Health center is a concrete investment in a healthier community. We believe everyone deserves quality healthcare regardless of race or ethnicity, gender, income level, HIV status or where they live.

Your support at AIDS Walk Los Angeles helps us deliver on our passion for providing the best Care for everyone who needs us.

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Like so many of the women who visit us for care, APLA Health is breaking down barriers in LA County. Our ROAR program provides women with access to a new health and wellness experience, connecting them to a broader community through trust and fairness in healthcare.

Too often, women’s unique healthcare journeys are not taken into account by providers. ROAR is an empowering space for women to speak with women providers who understand their needs and see them for who they truly are.

In the future, ROAR will be hosting more opportunities for women to Reach Out and Reclaim their health on their terms. Your support of the Support walk will ensure more women in South LA and Long Beach will have their voices heard and their needs met.

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Did you know Los Angeles has the second-largest HIV epidemic in the country?

The need for increased testing is urgent, and APLA Health is working with our partners to streamline the HIV testing process. We’re learning methods from our peers around the world to reduce the wait time to 30 minutes between entering a clinic and getting test results.

30 minutes to take a step toward ending an epidemic? And a free test? That’s the reality we’re making happen.

APLA Health is working to secure funding for new spaces and new technology so we can educate the public about how empowering an HIV test can be in combating stigma and ending the epidemic. It’s a challenge, but with your help at AIDS Walk 2020 we can continue our long track record of meeting the need with innovative solutions.

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