We’re still fighting for the pioneers of the movement

Your donations matter.

Older adults living with HIV/AIDS often feel isolated as the focus shifts to a younger generation. As the number of older adults living with the virus increases, APLA Health offers services to meet this group’s unique challenges. Your donations help support those services.

Together in the HIVE

Our HIVE Program (HIV-Elders) is a free community group for gay and bisexual men over 50 of all ethnicities living with HIV/AIDS. HIVE reduces stigma and promotes camaraderie through discussion groups, life skills support and health education. Funds raised through AIDS Walk help support HIVE’s free monthly dinner series and other tools designed to bring more visibility to this community.

Fundraising Hack of the Week:
If you haven’t set a goal for yourself yet, there are 5 weeks left before October 20. Consider setting aside $1 every day before the Walk (that’s $32!), or better yet, make it your goal to ask one friend per week for a donation. If you need that extra push, check out our AIDS Walk Fundraising Guide.

Important Dates and Deadlines
October 9 – Register 25 people or more to get a Team Meeting Station
October 11 – Submit your Drive On Application (Teams of 25+ members only)
October 11 – Last day to qualify for parking under City Hall
October 20 – AIDS Walk Los Angeles
November 15 – Fundraising deadline

Thank you for your support, and we’ll see you on October 20!