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Tips for raising $1,000 for AIDS Walk LA

Thank you for being a part of AIDS Walk Los Angeles 2023 Now the fun part begins: raising the funds that will support over 18,000 people affected by HIV/AIDS in LA County. If you’re looking for a fundraising goal this year, we suggest a nice, cool thousand bucks.

WHY $1,000?

They say to shoot for the moon because even if you miss, you land amongst the stars. That’s where our Star Walkers are – individuals who have raised over $1,000 during AIDS Walk LA. It’s more important than ever to set your sights high, so here are some tips for how you can raise $1,000 and become a Star this year.


Look in the mirror. See that beautiful, smiling face staring back at you? Ask it to kickstart your fundraising efforts with $50.
TOTAL: $50


Think of the two family members you love the most. Turn that love into a cool hundred bucks by asking each to sponsor you for $50.
TOTAL: $150


Ask your bestie to contribute $50 by promising to promote them to BFF.
TOTAL: $200


Keep the conversation going and ask the 5 most recent people you’ve texted or snapped with to contribute $10 each.
TOTAL: $250


Get on Instagram and offer to shoutout 5 of your follower’s business or artistic ventures in exchange for $20 each.
TOTAL: $350


Be a boss by asking your boss for a company donation of $100.
TOTAL: $450


Take that boss energy into your next office conference call and ask 5 co-workers to contribute $20 each.
TOTAL: $550


See if your company offers Matching Gifts for charitable donations. If they do, tell them you donated $50 (remember step 1) and watch it magically double.
TOTAL: $600


Got a big donor? Ask if they will match your next four $25 sponsors.
TOTAL: $700


Get crafty! Knit 5 hats, arrange 5 indoor planters, or make 5 pieces of AWLA-themed art. Give them to the next 5 people who donate $20.
TOTAL: $800


Host a game night at your place or virtually and encourage attendees to contribute while they play.
TOTAL: $850


Tap into some school pride and ask 5 members of your high school or college alumni network to contribute $10 each.
TOTAL: $900


Ask the 5 cutest dogs you know to contribute $20 each. Or maybe just their owners instead.
TOTAL: $1000


Pull out a crisp dollar bill from your wallet and make it the cherry on top.
TOTAL: $1001


Donate now to get with a moment in history.

Your donation to AIDS Walk Los Angeles 2022 supports APLA Health’s programs and services, which together help over 16,000 people from communities across LA County.