These Steps Add Up.

Tips for raising $1,000 for AWLA.

Thank you for getting with the programs at AIDS Walk Los Angeles 2020. Now the fun part begins: raising the funds that will support APLA Health’s services along your chosen digital Walk.

WHY $1,000?

We know, this year is going to be tough. But they say to shoot for the moon because even if you miss, you land amongst the stars. Shooting for the moon has never been more important, and if your goal is to become a Star Walker, we want to help! Here are some tips for how you can raise $1,000 during these hard times.


Look in the mirror. See that beautiful, smiling face staring back at you? Ask it to kickstart your fundraising efforts with $50.
TOTAL: $50

Download this social graphic to share with your network:


Think of the two family members you love the most. Turn that love into a cool hundred bucks by asking each to sponsor you for $50.
TOTAL: $150


Ask your bestie to contribute $50 by promising to promote them to BFF.
TOTAL: $200

Download this social graphic to inspire your friends:


Keep the conversation going and ask the 5 most recent people you’ve texted or snapped with to contribute $10 each.
TOTAL: $250


Get on Instagram and offer to shoutout 5 of your follower’s business or artistic ventures in exchange for $20 each.
TOTAL: $350

Shoutout your followers with this sharable social graphic:


Be a boss by asking your boss for a company donation of $100.
TOTAL: $450


Take that boss energy into your next office conference call and ask 5 co-workers to contribute $20 each.
TOTAL: $550

Download this social graphic to show your co-workers some love:


See if your company offers Matching Gifts for charitable donations. If they do, tell them you donated $50 (remember step 1) and watch it magically double.
TOTAL: $600


Got a big donor? Ask if they will match your next four $25 sponsors.
TOTAL: $700


Get crafty! Knit 5 hats, arrange 5 indoor planters, or make 5 pieces of AWLA-themed art. Give them to the next 5 people who donate $20.
TOTAL: $800


Set up a donation jar in your front yard and encourage neighbors to contribute while on their daily walks for fresh air.
TOTAL: $850

Download this social graphic to let your followers know how simple the ask can be:


Tap into some school pride and ask 5 members of your high school or college alumni network to contribute $10 each.
TOTAL: $900


Ask the 5 cutest dogs you know to contribute $20 each. Or maybe just their owners instead.
TOTAL: $1000


Pull out a crisp dollar bill from your wallet and make it the cherry on top.
TOTAL: $1001


Donate now to get with a moment in history.

Your donation to AIDS Walk Los Angeles 2020 supports APLA Health’s programs and services, which together help over 18,000 people from communities across LA County.