I’m happy to see a cause for those who lost loved ones to AIDS or are still battling. When my brother Wayne Parker died in January 1994, I was only 11 and felt so ashamed. How could my great, beautiful, happy and successful brother pass away?

Back then no one was educated on the epidemic. I was scared people would think differently of me. I buried it so deep, to this day I never told anyone but my wife. But this Walk would make him so happy! So I’ll be happy for him and be his voice, and soon walk in his honor. Love you, Wayne. You’ll always be my big brother I look up to. Keep watching over our family from Heaven.

—Sean Parker

How’s your fundraising going?
We can feel the excitement building, and we know you feel it too. Thank you for raising funds to support APLA Health’s mission of health equity for all communities. If you haven’t started fundraising yet, now’s the perfect time! Remember, the first ask is always the hardest.

If you need that extra push, check out our AIDS Walk Fundraising Guide here.

Important Dates and Deadlines
October 11 – Star Walker parking deadline
October 15-18 – Early Sign In
October 20 – AIDS Walk Los Angeles – Raise $1,000 to be able to write your name directly on your Star Walker star on the day of the event.
November 15 – Fundraising deadline

Thank you for your support, and we’ll see you on October 20.