Although no one really enjoys going to the dentist, regular dental check-ups are important, especially if you have underlying health conditions. People living with HIV, diabetes or osteoporosis have dental conditions that APLA Health is equipped to handle.

We also make it easier to see the dentist regularly, because we’ve placed ourselves in the communities who need care. Baldwin Hills, DTLA, Long Beach and Willowbrook are historically underserved communities. By building where people live, we work to be a part of the community and provide care that matches their needs.

Since our goal is to be a bigger part of the community and help as many people as possible, we will continue to meet people where they are and build new locations. Please help us do this! Every time you ask for a donation for AIDS Walk Los Angeles, please help spread the word about our services!

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Our mission at APLA Health is to end the HIV epidemic. Unfortunately, in LA County, our transgender family members are disproportionately impacted by new HIV infections.

Trans Connections is an HIV prevention program for trans people of color, ages 18-29. We offer incentivized testing, linkage to care for those who are newly or previously diagnosed with HIV, fun events, and more!

Through Trans Connections, we are also able to provide one-on-one support for transgender people of color in a holistic way. We know that you can’t lecture and preach, you have to listen and respect all aspects of a person’s life in order to ensure the best health and prevent HIV.

By providing an open and affirming environment, we know that we can make a real difference and end an epidemic.

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At APLA Health, we think it’s good to talk honestly and openly about sex. It’s just one key to establishing a good relationship with your medical provider and with your partner(s). We also believe in talking about the different tools that help protect you against HIV. PrEP and PEP are two of those tools.

APLA Health’s PrEP and PEP navigator team is dedicated, knowledgeable and culturally competent; making it their mission to ensure that no one sees a barrier when trying to receive PrEP or PEP.

Our team is designed to not only assist people with their PrEP and PEP prescriptions, but also help with them with their adherence AND help them navigate insurance and benefits to reduce or eliminate their copays.

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