Bert, Arielle, Danica, and Juliet

Introducing the Number One Fundraisers of 2019!


Bert is well known to many AIDS Walks, but AIDS Walk Los Angeles is special because his goddaughters are here! Arielle, Danica, and Juliet — ages 5, 7, and 9 respectively — started walking with him when they were in strollers! He walks with them now to ensure that the girls don’t have to walk anymore when they’re older. His two favorite memories: running one year to grab a shirt for Rep. Maxine Waters, and when his parents volunteered with him. “My mom did sign-in with me, but dad was doing trash and got covered in filth and ice cream sludge and all that. But they called me the next day and said they had the best time. No one knew they were my parents, and my parents didn’t know anyone either, but they said they loved the people they worked with and they had so much fun.”