Since our founding, APLA Health has been at the forefront working to end the AIDS epidemic. At first, our Buddy Program helped to address the emotional needs of people living with HIV. Soon after, we brought in licensed psychologists and social workers to provide care that is more specialized.

We help to address some of the mental health issues people living with HIV may face:
Substance misuse

We provide a space for people to be honest, open and heal, and you help us do that. Thank you!

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Staying in care is crucial in successful HIV treatment and it is critical for people in reaching undetectable viral loads and living a healthy life.
However, many factors prevent people from staying in care. Unemployment. Lack of insurance. Food and housing insecurity. No transportation.
APLA Health care coordination and benefits team focuses on reducing the number of barriers that people may experience. We are able to work with people, government agencies and insurance programs to not only ensure we connect them to the best healthcare, but we make sure they stay in care and control the virus.

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Two letters that have made a world of difference. They stand for Undetectable = Untransmittable and represent the scientific understanding that if you are taking your medication and have an undetectable HIV viral load, you are unable to transmit the virus to your partners.
Unfortunately, not too many people know about U=U. Compounding the issue is also the fact that, in 2017, only 61% of people living with HIV in LA County were virally suppressed, the last step on the HIV care continuum.
This is why education remains important to APLA Health’s process: We provide our patients and clients with medical care coordinators, link them to care, support them while they are in care, and over time help them reach undetectable viral loads, but all of this starts with having the right information and getting tested!

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