COVID-19 is disproportionately impacting Black and Latinx communities. They make up the majority of infections and deaths.
If that is not enough, in Los Angeles, STD rates are highest both among Black and Latinx communities.
APLA Health is working to remove the health disparities and inequalities communities of color experience. We have our STD testing and treatment hours extend beyond 5:00, we have facilities in our community and we are training culturally competent providers. Soon we’ll be adding new locations for STD testing and increasing the speed from door to results to treatment.
APLA Health refuses to let STDs overtake our communities, especially when we have the tools and knowledge to stop them in their tracks.

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APLA Health is continually expanding our NOLP food pantry to meet the need. We have created partnerships with Wesley Health Centers and AIDS Walk Los Angeles partner Project Angel Food, and opened a new site on July 10! That’s more people we can now help.
“No one should have to worry about where their next meal is coming from, but the line between food security and insecurity is razor thin for some people and accessibility to nutritious food is a primary barrier. Our collaboration with partners like Project Angel Food is a giant step forward in making food and nutrition services more accessible to our clients,” says Tonya Hendricks, Program Manager for Vance North Necessities of Life Program.

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Since 2010, HIV incidences have declined among Blacks, Latinx and Whites but Black gay and bisexual men continue to have the highest new infection rate compared with other cultural groups. But more work still needs to be done to ensure that Black and Latinx communities have the tools and education to stop the virus.
Tools like PrEP and PEP, knowledge of U=U, and regular testing are all part of the solution. But so is the need for individuals to feel like they are part of a community who understand them.
We’re working to expand our program to let more men know that Healthy Him is a safe space to ask questions, get tools and stay healthy.

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