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Meet the Stars of AIDS Walk

Star Walkers are fundraisers who raise $1,000 or more. Check out our 2020 Stars below!

Star Walker Level: $1,000

If you hit Star Walker level in 2020, you will receive our annual Star Walker pin and custom plaque.

StarFirst NameLast NameQuoteWalk 136 coronavirus pandemic has amplified existing health disparities in our country. I'm proud to support AIDS Walk L.A., which raises funds to help ensure that everyone can get the health care they need., Juliet, Danica, Ari Champagne & Moffett's times like this that brings out the best in us and nothing can prove that to me more then the support I have been given from my wonderful sponsors. We will always stand side by side with Aids Walk because that's what friends do! CuppAs a proud HIV positive gay man, I represent team Being Alive this year. I walk to raise awareness and eliminate the stigma that still permeates our queer community. In this unprecedented year of tragedy, it is more important that ever to come together and support a common cause. In a unified and inclusive world, we can overcome anything! Quinn 1990, I was looking for an opportunity to “give back” and stumbled into volunteering for AIDS Walk Los Angeles. I then began fundraising for the Walk in 1992. Little did I realize how much APLA Health would affect my life by being there to help & support so many of my friends living with HIV/AIDS. Thank you for giving my “giving back” purpose! Castleberry Simons Nunes AIDS Walk LA through fundraising efforts is something that we can all do to ensure that our community continues to walk towards the end of HIV/AIDS. Make an Instagram post, reach out to old friends on Facebook, put up a flyer in the office. It works and people will show up for you and your effort. Cook walk each year because i want to make a difference in finding a cure for the Aids virus,I walk each year to help others less fortunate that need assistance in their care, I walk because we can all make a difference working together and being stronger is one! Soloman I can make a difference in the life of one person, I will have left the world better than I found it. SchmidIt's an honor to be a Star Walker each year for AIDS WALK LA. The work we all do not only brings us closer to ending HIV, but also moves mountains when it comes to destigmatizing HIV/AIDS. all need to care. When no one cares, there is no community. RoseBergerUntil there is a cure, we love, walk, support and educate. Walk For My Dad Herbert Putman and My Stepmom DeeAnn and most importantly I walk because I want to see a cure found. I was diagnosed with AIDS in 2012 I thought my life was over. And in many ways my old life did end. Today I am happier, healthier and more fulfilled than ever and it's my honor to give back financially to communities and organizations that have helped me so much in my time of need. Downs continue to walk in loving memory of Dr. Terry R. Grand as well as for all the friends lost, all the friends living with HIV/AIDS, and all the friends I never got to meet. walk in honor of Glen Poling and too many others who left us too soon. Let us never let bias or prejudice or racism impact the health of anyone, ever again and let's fix what's broken NOW! Smith'Heureux Stoddard'm in this to end it! EasonI walk, contribute, and raise funds for APLA because of all the great things they do to help those afflicted with this terrible disease and the many ways they work to improve their lives. JuliusMaullon A.Mccarden Kaiser Hope Blyth LorrieDrenkI walk for ones who can't. Holman Nyberg Leon Redinger and DJ Kelsey/James Romero MurrayFighting HIV is important to me because all of my communities, it hits us harder than others. It shouldn’t. I Walk year after year to show up for my fellow Angelenos and remind them: your HIV status does not determine your worth. HIV/AIDS stigma to take down barriers to care for people affected! Lee JuliusAlschuler