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AIDS Walk Los Angeles partner since 2005

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Standing by while HIV keeps going.

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Partnership details:

For over 10 years, Starbucks has partnered with AIDS Walk Los Angeles and APLA Health to use their power for good. This year, Team Starbucks is again challenging the status quo by declaring that it’s over standing on the sidelines – it’s time for real action.

Starbucks is running a special program in 793 of its stores in LA County to inspire donations and registration for AIDS Walk Los Angeles 2022. Don’t miss your opportunity to make a donation or register to join us, click on the links below.

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Are you a Starbucks partner? Click here to sign up for Team Starbucks at AIDS Walk LA.

Want to donate to Team Starbucks? Click here to suport AIDS Walk LA.

Starbucks partners show their support on social and online by downloading custom Team Starbucks fundraising graphics and video chat backgrounds.