We’ve been fighting for 35 years. Why should this year be any different?


AWLA is the world’s first walk to fight HIV and AIDS. It’s true – 35 years ago, a group of fed-up activists, patients, advocates, and friends put their soles on the line to shake the government into action during the AIDS crisis. And it happened on the streets of Los Angeles.

Since 1985, hundreds of thousands of walkers and their supporters have raised nearly $90 million to combat HIV and AIDS. These funds are a vital lifeline that sustains APLA Health’s prevention, care, and advocacy programs for more than 18,000 individuals living in Los Angeles County.

This year things are a little different. But just because we’re taking the fight online doesn’t mean we don’t have the same spirit, determination, and inspired community that have been the hallmarks of our mission since the beginning.


About APLA Health:

APLA Health was founded in 1983 as AIDS Project Los Angeles with the goal of ending the AIDS epidemic in Los Angeles County. Today, we provide services in four key areas: 1) primary medical care, dental, behavioral health and HIV specialty care, 2) Critical HIV Support Services, 3) HIV Prevention, and 4) Advocacy.

AIDS Project Los Angeles became APLA Health in 2014 because we knew that health and wellness were inextricably tied to the ending the HIV epidemic. We were the first AIDS service organization to become a federally qualified health center and added primary care to our portfolio, we had more tools to the fight to end the epidemic.

Our mission: The mission of APLA Health is to end the AIDS epidemic by achieving health care equity and promoting well-being for the LGBT and other underserved communities.Visit APLA Health online to learn more about the life-changing programs and services we provide.


Meet the team supporting yours.

Sarah Murray, Director | smurray@apla.org
Ken Mintzer, Sponsorship | kmintzer@apla.org
Alex Medina, Press Inquiries | amedina@apla.org
Cory Carrasco, Teams, Star Walkers | ccarrasco@apla.org
Kathlena Gagnon, Employee Resource Groups | kgagnon@apla.org
Brian Sharp, Events | bsharp@apla.org
Jen Harris, Volunteers | jharris@apla.org