Healthcare is a human right.

Seems pretty simple and obvious, right?

Unfortunately, too often people are denied this basic human right because of where they live or work. In Los Angeles County, the uninsured rate is much higher than the national average. In 2018, 18% of people were uninsured, a number that’s surely gone up as more people become unemployed because of COVID-19.

APLA Health was the first AIDS service organization in the country to become a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC). That designation allows us to provide primary medical care for everyone, regardless of their HIV status or their ability to pay.

We opened the Gleicher/Chen Health Center in South LA, Long Beach Health Center, and APLA Health – Olympic because we know people living in those areas have difficulty receiving affordable, comprehensive primary medical healthcare.

Your support during AIDS Walk will help us continue to expand our radius of care to communities that need us most.

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We’re working to empower women when they speak to our providers. The lack of trust women feel toward their doctors further compounds nationwide health disparities at a time when 11% of women are uninsured, a number that will surely rise due to COVID-19 layoffs.

Providing exclusive programs for women is essential to quality care. APLA Health created the ROAR program as a trusted space for women to feel heard and understood. Through ROAR, women are able to interact with women providers in an open, affordable and affirming environment.

We want to empower the women who come to our clinics to be drivers of their own healthcare. We encourage them to ask questions, be direct about their needs and be honest with us.

Funds raised at AIDS Walk 2020 directly impact the health outcomes for women in LA County and help reduce disparities in care. Thank you for advocating for women’s health through your participation.

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We all know that more testing is needed to end the HIV epidemic.

The Trump Administration stated in 2019 that it was committed to ending HIV by 2030. While the administration has promised increases in test funding, it has simultaneously tried to dismantle and defund programs that would help people get HIV tests.

“APLA Health supports increased funding for HIV programs, but that funding must not come at the expense of other critical health and safety net programs that serve people living with and affected by HIV both domestically and abroad,” said APLA Health CEO Craig E. Thompson. “The Administration’s plan to end the HIV epidemic will not succeed unless it ends attacks on the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid expansion, and rescinds policies that are harmful to LGBTQ individuals, immigrants, and communities of color.”

Help APLA Health continue to Educate and advocate on behalf of those living with HIV by raising funds at AIDS Walk 2020. We can move forward to an AIDS-free future that doesn’t compromise the health of underserved communities.

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