Funds raised during AIDS Walk Los Angeles 2022 support APLA Health’s mission of improving access to quality care for those affected by HIV in LA County.

Use the tools and tips on this page to grow your impact and help APLA Health continue to be all over real solutions to today’s most pressing healthcare needs.


This year’s Walk is all about channeling your fears and frustrations into a triumphant display of energy, live on the streets of LA. We’re all over something, whether it’s a news headline, a story of injustice our friends have faced, or the apathy we see around us when it comes time to make a difference. At AIDS Walk LA 2022, we’re calling all that out and making sure we show up on October 16.

Here’s how you can inspire your network to Be All Over It with you:


What are you over? No matter what you’re fired up about, share it with the world. Your AWLA online profile is the first thing your friends and family will see if you send them online to donate. Make your page your own with your personal story and reason for getting involved this year.

get social

This year’s Walk hashtag is #BeAllOverIt. Use our social graphic templates to share this year’s theme and add your own personal message of what you’re Over this year. Download our free graphics for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter below.


Nothing can stop a group of individuals who come together under one cause. We’ve outlined the steps you can take to mobilize your network to give, and show you the simplest (and most fun) path to raising $1,000 and becoming a Star Walker. 

collect your pledges

Encourage everyone to pay when they pledge. Checks can be made out to “AIDS Walk Los Angeles.” Sponsors who donate online via credit card or PayPal will receive an email confirmation as a receipt.

star walkers

Reach Star Walker status by raising at least $1,000 individually, or as a team. Star Walkers receive special rewards including an exclusive pin and plaque, and recognition online at the completion of the Walk campaign.


Hundreds of companies match employee donations, so make sure to ask everyone who sponsors you if their company has a matching gift program. Search for your company here or check with your employer to see if they’ll match your own donations or the total money you raise. AIDS Walk LA directly benefits APLA Health & Wellness, which is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization doing business as APLA Health. Donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. Our tax ID number is 84-1661910.


Please contact us to schedule a time to turn in funds. You may turn in collected cash to our offices via appointment only. Email or call 213.201.9255.

Mail donations to:
APLA Health
Attn: AIDS Walk Los Angeles
611 S Kingsley Dr
Los Angeles, CA 90005