Founded in a time of great adversity, APLA Health continues to fight for change through our enduring commitment to healthcare equity.

The CARE WALK highlights the critical role that APLA Health plays in providing high quality, culturally competent medical care to reduce overall health disparities (including HIV) and end the epidemic in Los Angeles County. APLA Health works to ensure that all Los Angelenos have healthcare and support services regardless of race or ethnicity, gender, income level, HIV status or where they live in the County. Our mission is the well-being of the LGBTQ+ and other underserved communities and the people living with and affected by HIV.

APLA Health is a nonprofit health center serving more than 18,000 people annually. We provide 20 different services from 17 locations – including six health centers – throughout Los Angeles County. Each health center APLA Health builds is a concrete investment in building a healthier community.

When you select the CARE WALK, you will learn more about how APLA Health has responded to COVID-19; our primary medical, HIV specialty, dental and behavioral healthcare services; our sexual wellness services; PrEP & PEP, and about our exciting expansion plans to even better serve our community.


We are living in extraordinary times. COVID-19 has changed the way we live our lives and how we receive healthcare. It has also highlighted what we already knew: Black and Latinx communities and low income populations face a disproportionate impact from this virus, just as they do with HIV. APLA Health continues to do our part to stop the spread of the coronavirus by implementing new safety policies, moving non-critical appointments to telehealth, and always making sure that those individuals who need us still have convenient and safe access.


Our robust primary medical care services are designed to meet the general health and wellness needs of our patients. From annual check-ups and vaccinations, to managing chronic diseases such as diabetes, we treat the whole person. APLA Health has offered comprehensive dental care since 1985; first in a trailer in West Hollywood, and now in three state-of-the-art facilities conveniently located across Los Angeles County. Our mental health services have seamlessly evolved in the COVID-19 world to incorporate telehealth, ensuring that people who need to be heard can be. Our providers even say that some of our clients are more forthcoming using telehealth than they are in person.


We provide HIV specialty care for people living with HIV because we know that being connected to care and staying in care are correlated with living long, “normal” lives. We now have breakthrough tools to end the epidemic in Los Angeles County, meaning we no longer have to hold out hope for a magic vaccine to stop HIV. Just one pill a day and regular doctor visits can almost guarantee an undetectable viral load, ensuring that people are not only in good health, but they also do not have to worry about passing the virus on to a partner.


The second strategy is to keep individuals who are HIV-negative from contracting the virus. You’ve probably heard about pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), a pill taken daily to protect you from HIV. PrEP is a game changer when it comes to stopping the spread of HIV because when taken every day as prescribed, it’s up to 99% effective. PrEP can help reduce stigma and create open conversations about sexual health between partners.


AIDS Walk Los Angeles is the largest event of its kind in Los Angeles County, raising vital funds to fund medical care, support services and education programs for those living with HIV or at risk of HIV.

Together with your fundraising help, we can end the epidemic in Los Angeles County.

For more information about APLA Health’s Care Services, please visit aplahealth.org